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Krangmeas literary Samdach Kittipritthbindit Bun Rany HunSen
Your brother-in-law
Press Release May 8, 2018

Press Release


Celebration of the World Red Crescent Day, May 8, 2018



Brother Sang Doeut 53 years old living in Trabek village Bosbov commune, Samrong Town O-Dor Meanchey Province . Brother has 4 children in charge . Brother had received vocational training from World Vision Center at Regional Battambang in 2003, for recieving bicycle and motorbike skills. Although Brother knowledge and experience , can’t make life for his family a better life . Lack of capital is the main reason for him to meet these challenges . He opened a bicycle repair - motor home his demands but not enough parts fine to lose customers . Most of his family often lack food and especially lack of funds if someone gets sick and needs medication .

Brother Sang Doeut losed both legs by mine in 1988 when he was a soldier . He lives in a hut roofed house social sector near the street . Although he is disabled both legs , but he is very willing to take free time to fish or plant near the house .

" I losed both legs , but I do not have any disabilities . I always imagined that one day I will have a better life and a more suitable home , " I will not surrender to this destiny . This is a remark of brother Sang Doeut who told me in August 2008 .

Brother Sang Doeut received free loan of $ 200 from the O-Dormeanchey Branch Red Cross under the support from the Cambodian Red Cross Headquater. Brother Sang Doeut was found by Red Cross Volunteers and classified as disabled and poor families in accordance with the loan policy of the Red Cross . Brother Sang Doeut used loan to expand his motor bicycle repair business by purchasing additional accessory fine to have many customers interested . With increasing so he can earn the profits from 20,000 riels to 30,000 riels per day and compared to his past earnings 5000 riels to 7000 riels in 1 day .

By trying and work so hard, Sang Doeut was the Provincial Social Department considered a model Handicap in 2010 and received support hosue construction from the government.

I had brought my dream after I had to attend an annual meeting on the issue of landmines in Stockholm, Sweden in July 2004 under the theme " making a change of the vulnerable and people affected by landmines ." I think that education alone will not change , only the service operators to grow. This raised by Mr. Mom Phireak, Program Coordinator.

In 2005 , with the special adviser of Madam Deputy Secretary General, programs offering a testing 18 families , and then in 2006 increased by 80 families and rise steadily over the next year . By 2014 , this program has provided a loan of 2093 families.


Under the support budget from German Red Cross, Australian Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross and techniques from ICRC program was to educate media awareness about landmines through volunteer youth Red Cross to provide relief to victims of mine and extract information casualty .

A tradition that is focused on education to reduce this risk by landmines recognized that new threats that will face , especially the area began to develop . Safe streets are introduced and defined a community where there is a big risk to their safety . Also, health and hygiene, the use of chemicals in agriculture, domestic violence and drugs are all set to be the biggest threat . It is clear that the program needed to expand the relationship exceeds mine action to ensure rural communities safer and resistance more consistent therefore recently on 30 May 2013, Samdach Kattiprithbendit Bun Rany Hun Sen, President of the Cambodian Red Cross allowed to mine action program in accordance community update to Safer Rural Community Program, and has built strategic plan 5 years ( 2013-2017 ) including :

1 . Mine continuing education

2 . Promote traffic safety awareness

3 . Continue to microlaon

4 . Raise awareness of health , hygiene

5 . Cooperation with the Local Authority to contribute makes it safe and secure