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Promotion of Fundamental Principles & Humanitarian Values

Dissemination has dated back to the mid 90s but the activities were carried out mainly by ICRC staff in 13 target provinces (The provinces where the repatriated people moved in for settlement).

Since 1999, the activities were directly run by the Cambodian Red Cross throughout the country.

The activities have been increased to profile the CRC and the Millennium Year of the Movement as well as to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Geneva Conventions and to support the project “People on war “ .

Despite good active record in the previous year, CRC recognizes there is still a considerable need to raise awareness of humanitarian values and International Humanitarian Law (IHL). More specially, there is a need to change attitudes of violence towards women, the trafficking of women and children, and attitudes toward respecting human rights more generally.


The principal objective was to maximize the awareness of the RCRC Principles, the humanitarian values and the basic IHL to the two main audience: the RC staff, members, volunteers, youth and donors and the external audience whilst targeting the members of the legislative bodies, the government institutions, the youth in general and the public.

To meet with current challenges, CRC has identified two objectives:

  • Attempt to influence behavioural change in communities by promoting the Fundamental Principles;
  • More actively communicate the role and activities of the CRC.


  • CRC has actively promoted the respect of the Emblem by disseminating the substance of the Royal Decrees on the Recognition of the Cambodian Red Cross and the Decree on the Use and Protection of the RCRC Emblem in the country;
  • With support of ICRC, CRC approached Ministry of Justice to mainstream the substance of the law into the currently draft criminal national code;
  • CRC approached the Ministry of Education for the inclusion of the basic IHL and the RC Principles and Values in the national curriculum;
  • CRC has strengthened the cooperation with the Military IHL instructors;
  • The dissemination training has mainstreamed into other project training, specifically the Community Based Disaster Preparedness, the Community Bases Mine Action Programme and Response to Human Trafficking;
  • Since 1999, two dissemination workshops are organized per year: one for branch committee members and branch staff for orientation/basic knowledge; the other for disseminators to abreast latest development and deeper knowledge on IHL;
  • For the last few year, two dissemination workshop are organised per year for uniform staff for orientation/basic knowledge so that they can assist CRC to prevent RC emblem abuse;
  • CRC has reproduced dissemination materials and published them with the funding support from the ICRC and the Federation;
  • CRC has developed a teaching file for disseminators and a standardized presentation to be used by disseminators;
  • CRC has reached wider youth audience. Its session has expanded to school youth and university students
  • CRC has organized RCRC Movement quiz and contests on specific occasion like the World Red Cross Day;
  • The media has been strongly used for the broadcast;
  • Tracing agents are regularly abreast with RCRC latest development and IHL.
  • Annual report on the dissemination development is reported annually to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation.


ICRC has provided technical, advisory and financial support to the CRC is the field of dissemination. The budget support has been increased from US$ 7,800 per year to 14,800.00 in 2003. The expected support for 2004 is estimated at US$ 20,000.00. Other support has been provided by the Finnish Red Cross, channelled through the Federation Cambodia Delegation.


Future actions are clearly identified in the Strategy 2011-2020 in the core area for the Promotion of the Movement’s Fundamental Principles and Humanitarian Values. The activities are planned to add in the audience list youth outside schools and women, so that their knowledge of the protection by law are increased. CRC is looking for expertise support in this field. CRC should take into account to have young, dynamic, committed in following up with the development in the aspect of IHL and the RC Principles and Action.

Updated on 08 September 2010