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Restoring Family Link Service


The decades of civil war and upheaval which shattered Cambodian society left thousands of people unaccounted for. But with the return of peace, many people who are seeking long-lost loves ones have new ground to hope that they can find their loved ones.

As a member of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Family News Network, the Cambodian Red Cross which is one of the largest and leading humanitarian organizations in Cambodia is dedicated to helping people separated as a result of the armed conflict, natural disasters and other emergencies requiring humanitarian response.

Established in 1989 and operated with the support of the ICRC, the tracing program developed by the CRC is to try to track down lost people who mostly have gone missing in the chaos of war 40 years ago. It is a nationwide tracing service with a network of 24 branches set up throughout the country. The Tracing and Message Service is also in charge of exchanging mails widely known as Red Cross Messages between persons deprived of freedom in Cambodian prison facilities and families. In total the Cambodian Red Cross has found 27,355 people thus far and put them in touch with relatives.