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Kratie Community Based Health Development Programme

Executive Summary

Since 2010 to 2015, following the technical and financial support of the Finnish Red Cross, the community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) Project has been successfully implemented in Kratie province. The first phase from 2010-2012, the Organizational Development (OD) has been well integrated in the CBHFA project operation. The second phase from 2013-2015, the Non Communication Diseases (NCDs), Disaster Management along with the basic concept of Climate Change have been additionally integrated in the project operation as well. The project aims at contributing to community resilience by improving the health status of the population and reducing the impact of the disasters in the target villages, primarily through training of volunteers, encouraging behavioral change, mobilizing communities and promoting the use of public health services. The total beneficiaries would be 11,840 families equaling 66,869 people (24,831 of females, 23,579 of males and 18,459 of children under 15 years old) in 48 target villages, 10 communes, 3 districts of Kratie province. The total of 470 recruited and trained Red Cross Volunteers (RCVs) and 285 of trained Red Cross Youths (RCYs) have actively participated in the project activities.      


·         To contribute to community resilience by improving the health status of the population and reducing the impact of the disasters in the target villages.

·         To contribute to strengthen the capacity of the Kratie-Red Cross Branch for offering the quality services to the vulnerable people. 

Key activities and achievement

A.    Non-Structural

  • Vulnerability Capacity Assessment (VCA): Identification of community related problem and needs
  • Baseline and End-line: Measuring the progresses of the project.

  • Capacity/skill building; The Kratie Red Cross branch staff and target communities have been trained on 1) Red Cross history/movement/principles, 2) Five health priorities (diarrhea, acute respiratory infection, malaria & dengue hemorrhagic fever, Mother new born and child health, water and sanitation), 3) Non-communicable diseases (cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic lung diseases), 4) Disaster management and climate change, 5) Facilitation/communication and promotion skills, 6) First Aid, 7) Recording skill, 8) management skill, computer skill and English, etc.  

  • RCV monthly meeting: For consolidation and validation of the monthly progresses of project activities completed by RCVs, next monthly plan of action, and refresh RCVs on the next month promotion topic proposed by target communities.
  • RCV monthly promotion activities: The five health priorities, NCDs, DRR and First Aid Services have been month by month promoted by the trained RCVs and RCYs at their respective communities.

  • Promoting the community behavior change: The model family and cleanup activity has been regularly conducted by RCVs and RCYs at their target areas in the communities. 

  • Related Campaign/events, eg. the dengue hemorrhagic fever campaign, Water Day, RCV Day, DRR Day, etc.

  • Dissemination through local radio station: The humanitarian activities related to

disseminating the Red Cross movement/principles and the 4 Red Cross Core Areas completed by the Kratie Red Cross branch have been regularly broadcasted and clearly clarified  by the branch staff through the Radio Show Program of the local radio station namely Community Woman Voice 101.3 MHz ( 1 hour per month).

  •  Kratie-Red Cross Branch Exercise Club: Followed the Financial supports of the Finnish Red Cross, aiming to promote the public health focused on Non-Communicable Diseases, the Kratie-Red Cross Branch Exercise Club was established/equipped and have been well functioned. 

  • Red Cross Youth Activities at target schools:

·         Structural (2010-2015): The community latrines, wells constructed by the CBHFA project supported by the Finnish Red Cross would be summary in table below,  

·         Sub-branch office building: The CBHFA Project did financially contribute to construct successfully the Prek Prasob Red Cross sub-branch which is well functioning. 

For detail information:

1)      Cambodian Red Cross

Mr. Hang Chansana, CBHFA Project Manager,

H/P: (855-12) 201 455

E-mail: hangchansana2011@gmail.com

2)      Kratie-Red Cross Branch

Mr. So Sakan, CBHFA Project Team Leader

H/P: (855-12) 599 016 / (855-97) 8029 999

E-mail: sakan_so@yahoo.com