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Road Safety Project


At the moment, road crashes and casualties resulting from them have emerged as one of the modern phenomenon which Cambodia is critically facing with. Since 2004, road crash has ranked 2nd only after HIV/AID. Each day, nearly 100 Cambodian road users, especially young people are killed and injured, need time-consuming surgery followed by long days, weeks or months in hospital after crashes and many will never be able to live, work or go to study as they've used to do. In 2009 data collected by RCVIS showed that over 60% of road crashes' victims in Cambodia were the pillars of the country, young people aged between 9 and 30 years. The main cause of road accidents including those potentially leading towards permanent disability is the aggressive attitude and behaviour of vehicle and motorcycle drivers.

While Cambodia has been considered as a country with high rate of people with disabilities (4% of total population), road accidents have been now increasingly identified as a very significant cause of disability that Cambodian Government proclaimed road safety and disability inclusion as national priorities. Road crashes are now far outweighing the deaths and injuries caused by mines and UXO. Reduction in road accidents and more disability prevention is crucial to such preventable problem which needs a change in drivers' attitude behaviour and education, awareness, emergency responses as well as relief for injured students and their family members.


This project aims to contribute to the acceleration of the poverty reduction through prevention and reduction of road crashes, the preventable impairments that may lead towards disability and to promote disability inclusion in schools and society.


This project combines existing organisational capacity and a strong young people's network structure with the needs and demands of Cambodian society and young people including those living with disabilities. Target groups of this project are the youth and students aged between 9 and 30 years at high schools including their vulnerable families, specifically in Siem Reap, Battambang and Banteay Meanchey provinces. To increase impact of this project and enhance its effectiveness, the project is divided into three key components as below:

1.Empowering Young people including those with disability and partnerships development

- Baseline Survey

- launching of project, annual workshops and Coordination Meeting

- Develop a participatory plan base on needs of young people including those with disabilities

- Mainstreaming those with disabilities in road safety and other activities;

2.Road Crash and Disability Prevention and Awareness

- Produce IEC materials - Establish youth clubs in schools and build capacity on road safety and disability issues

- Support youth based awareness campaigns in schools and public places

- Provincial Road Crash Prevention Campaigns

- Strengthening capacity of project staff

- Produce and distribute helmets for uses through Helmet Libraries;

3.Emergency and Relief Assistances- Build capacity of Red Cross Youth on First Aid


- Provide First Aid Assistances to Victims from Injuries

- Provide Relief Assistances for students and people with disabilities.

For more information, please contact Khem Sophal (Mr.) at E-mail: sophalkhem16@yahoo.com

 Updated on 11 November 2010