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Community Based First Aid

Cambodian Red Cross First Aid Project

1. General Information

- Project Title            : Cambodian Red Cross First Aid Project
- Donor                      : Japanese Red Cross Society
- Target provinces   : Phnom Penh, Kampong Thom, Kampong-Speu, Battambang Red Cross Branches
- Target population : Red Cross Staff, Red Cross Volunteers and community beneficiaries

2. Background

At a global level, work-related accidents are on the increase. As the World Health Organization and International Labour Organization report, there are over 270 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illness annually claiming more than two million lives, representing 3.9% of all global deaths.

Ultimately, accidents at home, in public or in the workplace, will happen. The key is to put measures in place to prevent or minimize the damage. First aid is a proven safe, effective, low cost method of preventing injury and saving lives.

The Cambodia Red Cross had implemented Community Based First Aid (CBFA) since 1995-2000 with technical and financial support from the Federation. Due to end of financial support, and lack of monitoring / support mechanism, the CBFA had become inactive since then. However, the first aid remains important component of the Red Cross and Red Cross Volunteer activities, which require regular upgrade skill and knowledge, where there were very limited support granted since 2000.

In the new health strategic direction, first aid has been reconsidered as core project of the Cambodian Red Cross, which has revisited the first aid in the community with new strategy to provide basic common first aid and integrate more preventive first aid and health promotion and build capacity of CRC health department and branches to effectively implement First Aid Project and income generation from provide First Aid Training to NGOs, private sectors etc.

3- Project goal

To develop Cambodian Red Cross First Aid system, enhancing both CRC/HQ and Branches capacities to implement CFA and CBFA as well as health preventive program.

4- Project Objectives

Red Cross staff and volunteers are able to provide and promote fist aid services in four target provincial community in next three years.

5. Expected Results:

5.1 First Aid team and system established at CRC/HQ and Red Cross Branches levels.

5.2. First Aid Skill knowledge of CRC CRC’s trainers at HQ/ branches and volunteer improved.

Conduct FA TOT at CRC/NHQ and Conduct FA Course for RCVs at CRC/Branches

First Aid Project staffs join Advanced TOT at Silaka  

5.3. Beneficiaries in target Red Cross branches aware about first aids.


RCVs conduct first aid demonstration at communities or schools


Conduct World First Aid Day at Target branches

5.4 Income generation of the CRC/HQ and target branches increased through providing first aid training services to private sectors and NGOS.

Conduct FA training to NGOs Conduct FA training to Red Cross Youths


Contact for Commercial First Aid:


- Tel : (855) 17 222082 / (855) 97 9949 057 - Email : chanthymom@online.com.kh/ opputhea@yahoo.com

CRC/ Phnom Penh Branch

 - Tel : (855) 92 79 72 06

CRC/ Kampong Speu Branch

- Tel : (855) 92 54 45 57

CRC/ Kampong Thom Branch

- Tel : (855) 12 85 81 60

CRC/ Battambang Branch

- Tel : (855) 12 43 79 71

Updated On 10 September 2010