Become CRC member

As a member you can help make a difference to the Cambodian people by making a commitment to support the Cambodian Red Cross activities and programs at a local and national level. It is an opportunity for people from different walks of life to help those who are most vulnerable.

Membership types

The Cambodian Red Cross Membership divided into: Supporting, Acting, Benefactor, and Honorary Member.

Supporting Member
Supporting member is the member who supported the money to the rates is due to the Society’s General Assembly.

Acting Member
Acting member is the member who supported the service to society and listed in the location. Member of the Central Committee and Branches Committees are the Acting member.

Benefactor Member
Benefactor member is the member who was organized by the Central Committee to recognize that supported the special gift to Cambodian Red Cross. Benefactor member can be organized to Honorary member if it was agreeing from the Central Committee.

Honorary Member
Honorary member is the member who was organized by the Central Committee to recognize the special service or gift to Cambodian Red Cross.

One person can be one member only.

Cambodian Red Cross has the different list and perfectly. The member lists were printed for the Central Committee and Representatives of General Assembly needed.

The Member’s Case and Rights

The Cambodian Red Cross members must be done:

- To cling tightly to and disseminated the 7 Fundamental Principles, IHL, and prevented the Emblems.
- To glorify and participate to Cambodian Red Cross and increase membership.
- To recognize and follow the condition and
- To pay annual for membership (as supporting, benefactor, and honorary)

Cambodian Red Cross Member encouraged that:

- As a member you have voting rights and members can also stand to be elected.
- To participate and vote in the branch meeting and participate the higher General Assembly.
- To propose and bring out something to talk with Governor in Cambodian Red Cross: there are proposal and cause for experimentation of the condition.
- To participate in training course on the Red Cross if participant have the resource and working in volunteer in Cambodian Red Cross.


Volunteers are recruited through each branch, with each individual Program Departments responsible for providing recruitment direction and mobilizing the volunteers to implement the services, especially with people from rural areas.

General Enquiries:
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