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Press Release May 8, 2018

Press Release


Celebration of the World Red Crescent Day, May 8, 2018


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Workshop on Developing Restoring Family Link Action Plan

The Restoring Family Link Agents from 25 the Cambodian Red Cross Branch have attended the Annual Workshop on Restoring Family Link,  Developing Action Plan for 2018, starting from 24-25 August 2017, at the headquarters of the Cambodian Red Cross, with the participation from Lok Chum Teav Pum Chantinie, Secretary General of Cambodian Red Cross, a representative from Ministry of Interior and ICRC delegate to Cambodia.

The workshop was aimed at sharing experiences with each other and strengthening collaboration with the General Department of Prisons and improving the efficiency of Restoring Family Link .


Training on General Management and RCRC movement Dissemination

Contributing to ensure sustainability at target sub-branch with fund supported from the project through Minimum Package Activities (MPA), BRC project co-operated with Tbong Khmom branch organize 2-day training on general management and RCRC movement to sub branch staff and commune RC group in Krouch Chmar district from 23-24 Aug 2017. The training presided by Tbong Khmom branch director and Krouch Chmar district deputy governor together with 35 participants coming from 12 communes and 1 sub-branch in Krouch Chmar.


Closing Ceremony " Key to Success and Leadership" course

In the morning of July 28, 2017, Lok Chumteav Pum Chantinie, Secretary General was presided over the closing ceremony of the 4-day course" Key to Success and Leadership" course from July 25 to 28, 2017, with a total of 72 participants, from Cambodian Red Cross National Headquarters, CRC Phnom Penh Municipality branch and Red Cross volunteers.

On that occasion, Lok Chumteav, Secretary-General of CRC, would like to thank Cristopher Lee and his team for providing this useful training to CRC staff  "The key to success and leadership" (Operacy) which gave us the perspective:

- People born to success not to fail

- Promote positive thinking for success

- No one is born without fault, but we do not have to repeat the same mistakes, and mistakes are experiences

- The enemy of success is fear and this training, "The Key to Success and Leadership" (Operacy), says that if you want to succeed, stick to five principles: change, respect for diversity, merger, self-control, and widespread.

Meeting to Update the Project Progresses/Challenges at Tbuong Khmum province

Building Resilience Community (CBHFA) Project, 21 July 2017, the Project/branch team has a meeting with the Chiro I commune council to update the project progresses/challenges and seeking for collaboration/coordination. 12 people attended actively in this meeting. Tbuong Khmum province, Cambodia

Course on Red Cross Movement, IHL to Police Academy

In the morning of 20 July 2017, Red Cross, in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross  organized a course on the fundamental principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement,  international humanitarian law (IHL) and the promotion of humanitarian values ​​to students and trainees at the Police Academy School at Kien Svay district, Kandal Province , with participation from Head of ICRC mission to Phnom Penh and CRC staff of sub- department of Dissemination , totaling 179 participants.


The Course is aimed to streamline the awareness of Red Cross fundamental principles, IHL and the promotion of humanitarian values ​​to all trainees, as well as the Cambodian police forces.

CRC and ICRC disseminates IHL and Humanitarian Activities to security officials from P Penh

On 13 July, the ICRC and Cambodian Red Cross met with 40 security officials from 12 districts in PP with City Hall, to discuss international standards on the law enforcement, and ways to exercise best practices with large crowds, demonstrations or assemblies.

"Large-crowd gatherings or protests can become dangerous quickly. They can put both officials and citizens at risk. By following rules of conduct, everyone is safer because all sides know what to expect. We do this work in countries around the world, and the ICRC is pleased to do the same in Cambodia. We care about the safety and well-being of everyone," Roman Paramonov, ICRC Cambodia Head of Mission said.

Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) representative also presented CRC mission and its humanitarian activities to raise awareness to them

As a humanitarian organization, the ICRC and CRC cares about the well-being of people regardless of political affiliation, race, and religion. Around the world, and in Cambodia, we promote international humanitarian law for the safety of people, military, police and security officials alike.

Training course on Youth for Changing Behavior at Kampot

Kampot: In the morning of July 18, 2017, Cambodian Red Cross Kampot branch organized a training course on "Youth for Changing Behavior" for 40 Cambodian Red Cross Youths (20 females) from four target high schools in Kampot province. This course aims to strengthen the capacity of Cambodian Red Cross youth to improve their outreach to the schools and communities.

The 1st Healthy Ageing Outreach Session at Svay Rieng Province

The 1st Healthy Ageing Outreach Session was ticking off on the morning of 19 July 2017  at Baray village, Mesar Thgork commune, Chantrea district of Svay Rieng Province. There were 43 (8 males) participants from the above village.

There was a good collaboration between the Red Cross Branch /Sub-Branch and the public health center. Very basic health screening on blood pressure, BMI, and urine test for GLU was firstly started and then follow by general health education, using posters, for NCD prevention, healthy eating, and physical exercise plus basic key health message.


Dissemination Workshop on Disaster Management Law in Pursat

In the morning of July 12, 2017, Lok Chumteav Pum Chantinie , Secretary General of Cambodian Red Cross, participated in a dissemination workshop on disaster management law in Pursat and attended from  branches and sub-branches of eight provinces. totaling 45  participants.

The workshop aims to raise public awareness on disaster management law, promote good collaboration in implementing the law.

CRC Prey Veng Branch hand over two houses to vulnerable people

CRC Prey Veng Branch: On July 13, 2017, HE Oknha Sok Pheng,  Permanent Vice president of Cambodian Red Cross Prey Veng Branch, visited and handed over two houses of 4m x 5m made of wood, roof and zinc roofs and 1 toilet for 2 families of most vulnerable people that supported by Cambodian Red Cross Prey Veng Branch :


1-    Mr. Sam Kea who live in  Choeung Toek Village A. Prey Veng City, Prey Veng province,

2-    Mrs. Un Lak  who live in Choeung Toek Village B . Prey Veng City, Prey Veng province,


In addition to these the branch also distributed a package of food and non-food item.

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