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Cambodian Red Cross receives solar LED lanterns from International Federation

On the morning of October 16, 2017, at Cambodian Red Cross Headquarter,  Lok Chumteav Men Nearysopheak, Acting Secretary General of Cambodian Red Cross, received 90 solar LED lanterns from the Representatives of the International Federation to Cambodia, On the occasion, Madam Acting Secretary General conveyed the regards of the Samdech Kittipritthbindit Bun Rany HunSen, president of the Cambodian Red Cross and thanks to the International Federation and the Panasonic company for donating solar LED lanterns from 2013 to 2017, a 5 times totaling 669 units, and the Cambodia Red Cross also distributed to families in communities and health centers where the electricity is inaccessible.

Miss Lak Mony Rasmey, International Federation coordinator to Cambodia was grateful to the Red Cross, with has Samdech Kittipritthbindit Bun Rany HunSen, as president for allowing her to make a courtesy visit and handover the 5th time of solar LED lanterns donated by Panasonic Japan to Red Cross to continue to distribute to remote health centers and poor people with disabilities through various projects / programs of the Red Cross.

Please note that the solar LED lanterns that the Cambodian Red Cross has received from the international federation since 2013 are from Panasonic’s company totaling 100,000 Solar LED lanterns, which has been distributed to humanitarian agencies and organizations in the Asia-Pacific and African countries.

Family Reunification after 44-year separation

The hope of being reunited with beloved relatives has come true. This is a case of Family Reunification after 44-year separation between a 13-year-old sister and a 32-year-old brother in 1973 as a result of civil war during Pol Pot regime. RFL Sub-department of the Cambodian Red Cross under the leadership of Samdech Kittipritthbindit Bun Rany HUNSEN, CRC President, recently found positively a case of 44-year separation and helped put Ms. Vong Heang, 57, living in Chhrouk village, Pao commune, Trapang Prasat district, Oudarmeanchey province in touch with her 76-year-old brother Vong Nab, 2 sisters-in-law, and a nicec in Katu village, Danrun commune, Sothnikhum district, Siem Reap province on 12 October, 2017.  

“I couldn’t imagine that I would ever have the chance to see my brother again in this life after having lost contact for 44 years; I hardly believe that my eldest brother is still alive. I lost hope and thought that my family members passed away. I would like to express my profound thanks and gratefulness to Cambodian Red Cross for making my dream of being reunited with my brother and other relatives come true”, Said Vong Heang.


Cambodian Red Cross provides fund for the wells in Thala Boriwat and Konmom districts

On September 26, 2017, Samdech Kittipritthbindit Bun Rany Hun Sen, president of the Cambodian Red Cross provided US$ 33,468 00 to drill  7 water wells  for 135 families  who faced shortage water in Anlong Chrey  commune , Thala Boriwat district,  Stung Treng province and other 5 water wells for 127 families in 3 communes of Konmom district, Ratanakiri province.

Please noted that in 2017, CRC has provided 255 wells and 4 ponds for people who are difficulty in accessing to the access to the clean water throughout the country.

Cambodian Red Cross meets with Finnish Red Cross Delegation

In the morning of September 26, 2017, at Cambodian Red Cross Headquarter, Lok Chum Teav Pum Chantinie, Secretary General of the Cambodian Red Cross, had a meeting with the Finnish Red Cross delegation led by Toni Jokinen, Director of the International Program of the Finish Red Cross.  The purpose of the delegation is to review mid-term project and continue its plan . The delegation will visit disaster management project in Kampong Cham province and the health project in Tbong Khmum.

14th annual SEA Leadership meeting from 21-22 September 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Delegation of the Cambodian Red Cross, led by Lok Chumteav Pum Chantinie, Secretary General of the Cambodian Red Cross, attended the 14th annual SEA leadership meeting from 21-22 September 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the implementation of the 13th Annual Meeting, which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Strategy and also to sign a cooperation agreement between the Cambodian, Vietnam and Lao Red Cross .

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