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From Red Cross Volunteers becomes project staff

“I decided to join Cambodia Red Cross as Red Cross Volunteer because my community was very poor and covered by landmine after the war. I would like to help them and to protect them from the dangers” Said Pan Dim.


Mr. Pang Dim, 49 years old living with 4 children in ThnolKeng village, RongRoeng commune, Roveang district of PreahVihear province.


Rovieng is located along road # 69 and around 70km from the provincial town. There are 114 Red Cross Volunteers living in the 12 commune with 57 villages. The Community Based Mine Action program of the Cambodian Red Cross started to recruit Red Cross Volunteers and Red Cross Youth in 2000 and the program changed to Safer Rural Community in 2013.

Mr. Pang Dimhas jointthe program as a Red Cross volunteer in October, 2000 but now he is a project staff since May 2007. He is one of the active people in his community. He is not only working for Safer Rural Community but he tries to work for his own community when he has a free time from hiswork.

There were so many mine victims between 1990 to 2010, that’s why I have to joint a volunteer in order to educate people about land mine. But now land mine is no longer an issue like 20 years ago and the new problems happen in my community almost every day such as road accident, disease by using chemical production, gambling and flooded in the raining season. Said Pang Dim.

Community have changed their attitude through improved safety practices By Mom Phireak, SRCP Program Coordinator

Sin Touch is 38 years old. He lives with his wife and 5 children in Boeung Beng village, Boeung Beng commune, Malai  distirct, Banteay Mean Chey province. His wife and him are famers. They plant long beans, eggplants and chilli. Every day they can get profit from those crops around 10000 (USD 2.50) riel to 15000 riel (USD 3.75).

‘ I am very happy to have income every day if I compared to last time I can got only 5000 to 7000 riel only. Now I can support my children to school. Myself and my wife will not go to find the work in Thailand again, Said Sin Touch.




Not high percentage of people in Malai go to find work in Thailand but some of the poor families have to go if they don’t have enough work or access to income inside of their village. Most of vulnerable family pass the border without passport or border pass or permission from Thai government. They are illegal migrant from Cambodia to Thailand, so  this is  very dangerous.


With support from Australian Red Cross, Safer Rural Community Program (SRCP) of the Cambodian Red Cross has started to provide education about safety of the behaviour of people who live in the high risk area along the border between Cambodia and Thailand.  The activities of the project focus on mine risk education, road safety, family violence, health promotion and migration. The Red Cross volunteers and police authority cooperate together to provide education in the community. The explanation talking to the participant on how to work in safe area and safe life. But the education alone cannot prevent this people from risky situations. The alternative and to provide opportunities for  them needs other support such as micro loans.


The Cambodian Red Cross provide interest free loans to vulnerable people. ‘After I got loan from Red Cross, my life and my family start to change. I have enough time to live with my children and work together  at home is more safe then I work far away that I am not sure there is danger or not’ said Sin Touch.

Mr. Sin Touch and his wife



Brother Sang Doeut 53 years old living in Trabek village Bosbov commune, Samrong Town O-Dor Meanchey Province . Brother has 4 children in charge . Brother had received vocational training from World Vision Center at Regional Battambang in 2003, for recieving bicycle and motorbike skills. Although Brother knowledge and experience , can’t make life for his family a better life . Lack of capital is the main reason for him to meet these challenges . He opened a bicycle repair - motor home his demands but not enough parts fine to lose customers . Most of his family often lack food and especially lack of funds if someone gets sick and needs medication .

Brother Sang Doeut losed both legs by mine in 1988 when he was a soldier . He lives in a hut roofed house social sector near the street . Although he is disabled both legs , but he is very willing to take free time to fish or plant near the house .

" I losed both legs , but I do not have any disabilities . I always imagined that one day I will have a better life and a more suitable home , " I will not surrender to this destiny . This is a remark of brother Sang Doeut who told me in August 2008 .

Brother Sang Doeut received free loan of $ 200 from the O-Dormeanchey Branch Red Cross under the support from the Cambodian Red Cross Headquater. Brother Sang Doeut was found by Red Cross Volunteers and classified as disabled and poor families in accordance with the loan policy of the Red Cross . Brother Sang Doeut used loan to expand his motor bicycle repair business by purchasing additional accessory fine to have many customers interested . With increasing so he can earn the profits from 20,000 riels to 30,000 riels per day and compared to his past earnings 5000 riels to 7000 riels in 1 day .

By trying and work so hard, Sang Doeut was the Provincial Social Department considered a model Handicap in 2010 and received support hosue construction from the government.

I had brought my dream after I had to attend an annual meeting on the issue of landmines in Stockholm, Sweden in July 2004 under the theme " making a change of the vulnerable and people affected by landmines ." I think that education alone will not change , only the service operators to grow. This raised by Mr. Mom Phireak, Program Coordinator.

In 2005 , with the special adviser of Madam Deputy Secretary General, programs offering a testing 18 families , and then in 2006 increased by 80 families and rise steadily over the next year . By 2014 , this program has provided a loan of 2093 families.


Under the support budget from German Red Cross, Australian Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross and techniques from ICRC program was to educate media awareness about landmines through volunteer youth Red Cross to provide relief to victims of mine and extract information casualty .

A tradition that is focused on education to reduce this risk by landmines recognized that new threats that will face , especially the area began to develop . Safe streets are introduced and defined a community where there is a big risk to their safety . Also, health and hygiene, the use of chemicals in agriculture, domestic violence and drugs are all set to be the biggest threat . It is clear that the program needed to expand the relationship exceeds mine action to ensure rural communities safer and resistance more consistent therefore recently on 30 May 2013, Samdach Kattiprithbendit Bun Rany Hun Sen, President of the Cambodian Red Cross allowed to mine action program in accordance community update to Safer Rural Community Program, and has built strategic plan 5 years ( 2013-2017 ) including :

1 . Mine continuing education

2 . Promote traffic safety awareness

3 . Continue to microlaon

4 . Raise awareness of health , hygiene

5 . Cooperation with the Local Authority to contribute makes it safe and secure

At last I found my mother

By Madame Sopheak in Phonm Penh, Cambodia Red Cross, December 2002

I lost hope when leaving CRC Tracing Office. It was in July 2002. I was told by the Tracing Agent that: "It is a very difficult case. It is hard to trace your mother whom you haven't seen since 1967, when yo

Action of Cambodian Red Cross First Aid Project

First Aid is a long history to start a Red Cross movement over the world. In June 1859, Henry Dunant, Swiss businessmen created this idea to help and save live in humanitarian work.

The Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) is established on 18 February 1955, very soon after the First Aid activities and project also begun. Until now, from the National Head Quarter through its 24 Red Cross branches in nationwide, always implementing this project actively. Currently, and under the leadership of Samdach Kittipritthbidit BUN RANY HUNSEN, the President of CRC who always keep in her mind about the safety of her RC colleagues, staff, especially volunteers as well as the safety of Cambodian as a whole, First Aid more and more became very popular among the people for their first save before reaching health center, clinic or hospital.


Constantly, First Aid Project developing the capacity of staffs and volunteers in order to expand the support to community, while at the same time also running the Commercial First Aid for civil servants, NGOs, and private companies through conducting training course and put into real practice on FA lessons in every course.


From 2008 till now, CRC had very good bilateral partner with the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) specifically on FA project. JRCS not only provide funding support but also provide technical via promoting awareness of basic First Aid through integrated First Aid activities into Community Based Health program, as well as link to Road Safety Program, while in the last September CRC celebrated World First Aid Day under the theme "First Aid and Road safety". This is marked as the importance year that CRC engages FA activity with Road Safety in such a remarkable event. The event also aim of promoting the public received an updated of how first aid skill can assist people in the cause of road accident, risk factors, injury, etc…

Key Message from Madam Pum Chantinie, Secretary General CRC “First Aid” is the key word of a FA training topic once CRC re-established Red Cross Volunteers and Red Cross Youth network back to 1992.


Via funding and technical support from JRCS, CRC First Aid activities are continues its activities and currently the project focuses on build up capacity of FA Trainers and Red Cross volunteers in four RC Branches (Phnom Penh, Kampong Speu, Kampong Thom and Battambang) where 200 RCVs has been trained as Training of Trainer. Furthermore, CRC provides training equipments to all 24 Red Cross Branches and National Head Quarter. After participating in the training, RCVs conduct dissemination sessions for

people in the target community. Beneficiaries have a strong interest in the activities of the volunteers, and suggested that the Red Cross should provide them with more skills on First Aid, so that they can assist their neighbor or villagers at the first stage of accident. 


World First Aid Day that celebrated in September 2013 has been raises the awareness and the linkage between FA and Road Safety while traffic accidents in the last few years was affect the life of Cambodians very considerably. The event also celebrated in those target branches through support and coordinate by the Federation and Global Road Safety Partnership.

The Cambodian Red Cross also running “Commercial First Aidproject in order to sustain the entire FA project and support funding for build up capacity of Red Cross Volunteers, Red Cross Youth whom are now became FA trainer and providing FA lesson and exercise to many peoples in country including government staff, private sectors and non-governmental organizations. This service is endorsed and fully support by CRC president, Samdach Kittipritthbidit BUN RANY HUNSEN, who has a vision that “by 2020, at least one member of each family has First Aid training”. CRC First Aid manager and colleagues are thinking about design the activity plan and the target area. At the same time the team also looking for possible partnership with sister national society or partners national societies for provides more human resource (in terms of training skill) as well as the source of funding for financial sustainability of the project.  We expected to begin the pilot project “A family member is a First Aider” in 2015 is the source of funding in place.


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